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IFS model of therapy was developed by Dr Richard Schwartz almost 40 years ago and is based on system thinking (how we relate within groups, for example within a family) and applies this understanding internally.

It focuses on exploration of what happens inside us in response to what is happening outside us and how we in turn relate to our own internal experience.

IFS model recognises that the human mind is not unitary but naturally multidimensional. We can hold multiple, sometimes conflicting desires, perspectives, and attitudes, as an expression of different parts of ourselves.


When our parts are harmonious, we may not even be aware of them. However, when they become conflicted, reactive, or overwhelmed, we experience internal discord, edginess or feel vulnerable and hurt.

Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass


We may think of ourselves as being of one mind with sensible, rational, and practical thoughts and emotions but if we pay close attention, we notice that our internal experience often contradicts this view.

We can all recall feeling conflicting emotions, when for example one part of us wants to do something but there is another part that doesn't. Or we may experience thoughts or impulses that we are trying to fight against, control and manage, with varied success.

It can be quite empowering to realise that we have multiple aspects of our minds, with their own preferences, desires, and motivations and that it is perfectly natural and normal!


In IFS session we turn towards those internal interactions with compassionate awareness to get to know our inner world better, with a view to bringing greater choice and harmony to our lives.


IFS enquiry can help with bringing awareness to our motivations and our core issues. It guides us to relate better  internally and externally. It connects us to a place where we can be our own best "friend".


It can be especially helpful if:

  • you feel conflicted, torn, stuck and maybe unable to make decisions or move on in your  life

  • you are not fully engaged with life, lacking motivation and inspiration

  • you feel exhausted, overwhelmed or burnt-out and find it difficult to see a way out

  • you experience tension or difficulties in relationships, both internal and external

  • you feel anxious, angry, hurt, or depressed and you find yourself re-experiencing those difficult feelings despite all the work you have done and understanding that you have gained.

All of the above can be a sign that something deeper in you needs attention and a new way of approaching.


Bringing curiosity and compassionate self-awareness to the part of you that needs your attention will allow you to untangle from past influences and help you choose a new way of being to match your present circumstances. 


IFS enquiry accelerates personal growth and the ability to understand both internal and external dynamics. Sometimes, just noticing and accepting different parts creates more space inside and brings harmony and a feeling of ease. 


Clients often find that their inner awareness grows during sessions, and they develop a wider perspective and a feeling of clarity between sessions. They become more aware of their inner world and can stay present and unshaken during challenging situations for longer. Ultimately the aim is for this internal spaciousness to become frequent and the leading state of being.


IFS is highly effective way of approaching our psyche and is recognised as an evidence-based psychotherapy.​

It is described as "one of the most innovative, intuitive, comprehensive and transformational therapies to have emerged in the present century" (G. Mate, 2020)


Regular IFS sessions are taking place every week, at the same time and day of the week and last for 60 minutes. ​We meet either online, or in person in Twickenham, South West London, UK.  


I aim to make my charges as inclusive as possible and offer discounts for regular, longer-term sessions. I also have a limited number of sessions which are available at a lower rate for those who are not able to pay the full price.


If you are interested in lower cost depth psychotherapy, please check my  PSYCHOTHERAPY page.


Contact me to explore further.


Please get in touch if you would like to talk or find out more.

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