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Coaching is a process of personal growth which connects you with your potential. A coach provides support to allow you to follow your desire for growth towards a greater possibility.

Coaching helps you move towards what is possible in you in the future. It supports your journey to initiate and take you through change towards greater fulfilment and your authentic expression. 


How can I help?

During the coaching process, I guide you to explore your authentic needs and motivations, articulate your desires, and prepare a path that inspires you to achieve your goals. All this is done from a perspective of your inner connection and includes all aspects of you, to make sure that whatever your destination, it serves your life and leads you ultimately towards your life's purpose.

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In the process of coaching, you set your own aims and objectives. I am your companion on that journey,initialy helping you to become aware of all the aspects to consider and to determine if the goal expresses your core values and serves you.


I guide you to connect with your inner curiosity to ask question WHY you want to get there? Once you understand your motivation and desire, you articulate your goal which aligns with who you truly are by exploring WHAT it is that will take you towards that fulfilment. Only then you are ready to move to an exploration of HOW to get there and start the process of planning and walking the path towards achieving your objective.


Coaching and therapy in my view are on a continuum of the same path of personal growth which facilitates authentic expression of who we are. There is a great deal of overlap between them.


Therapy starts in the present and deals with often painful obstacles that prevent well-being. It also looks how the past influences our present experience. Coaching also starts in the present and deals with the expression of your future potential.


Both require that you become connected to what is authentic in you and notice what keeps you away from that authenticity. Both deal with obstacles on the path of change. Where they differ is the degree of focus: either on past adaptations or on future goals. Where they overlap is where you are here and now in the present moment.


Coaching can help with:

  • connecting to your purpose and meaning

  • finding fulfilment in life; both personal and professional

  • understanding and connecting with your aspirations

  • setting short and long-term goals and working towards achieving them


Your goals can be anything from your personal or professional life, for example:

  • taking care of yourself, for example losing weight,

  • incorporating rest and relaxation into your life.

  • creating personal or wider connections, both friendships and intimate relationships.

  • setting up or growing your business.

  • finding and engaging with your passions,

  • expressing your creativity.


I integrate my knowledge, life and professional experience with my coaching and therapeutic skills to facilitate your process of growth. It is a collaborative journey between us where you explore opportunities and discover your resources to create a future based on greater fulfilment and effectiveness.

I trust in your resourcefulness and inner wisdom to overcome obstacles, generate strategies, and action plans. I believe you are the expert on yourself. Deep inside, you have an innate understanding of your potential. I provide a reflective space to focus and un-cover that, taking you from where you are now, to where you want to be.


Regular coaching sessions are taking place at the frequency and duration that allows you to stay connected to your goal and maintain the pace of progress that suits you. We agree that based on your individual requirements as some people may require more intensive contact at the beginning, some prefer to start off slower and accelerate the pace later, yet others feel best at a steady rate.


The coaching engagement can be either project based or on-going self-growth.

Sessions take place either online, or in person at my practice in Twickenham, SW London, UK.  I am also happy to arrange "walk and talk" sessions in nature if that suits your style.

I offer a 30 min, introductory meeting free of charge. During this time, we can talk about your requirements and expectations. You can ask questions and tell me about any background information that you feel may be relevant. This will give us an opportunity to see if we feel connected to work together.


Please get in touch if you would like to talk or find out more.

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