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I was born in Poland but have lived in the UK for over 25 years and now consider it home.

Working in the helping profession is my second career. I came to it after my life in a business setting. What I learnt along the way is the inevitability of change.


Along the way I have been in many roles as a friend, a mother, a partner, a wife and divorcee, experiencing many ups and downs in all of them. The people closest to me have made their mark on me and have been my biggest mentors and "tor-mentors" in life.

I have always been curious about what makes us - us and have a life-long passion for the exploration of the human potential.

Above all I appreciate the beauty and complexity of our multidimensional experience.



 I truly care about the well-being of people and believe that as long as we stay deeply connected to ourselves we will know who we are and what we need to live a life that fulfils our potential and is just right for us. However, sometimes, our upbringing, difficult life experiences or our culture in general causes internal disconnection and we may need help to tap into our innate resources such as clarity, creativity and courage to feel deeply connected and joyous about life in and around us.


I came to the helping profession later in life. I graduated in architecture, followed by a degree in Management and Business administration, and worked in the manufacturing and construction industries for the first half of my professional life.

I have always been intrigued about what makes us feel at ease and authentic, that led me first to exploring the external spaces we occupy (hence my interest in architecture) and then subsequently to expanding it to the internal spaces we inhibit in our bodies and minds.

I have followed my interests over the last 15 years, training at bodywork (reflexology and therapeutic massage), energy psychology (Life Alignment energy healing), coaching (Transformational Coaching - Coaching Based on Needs) and therapy (IFS – Internal Family Systems Therapy).


I am currently attending a UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) accredited, post graduate diploma in Core Process Psychotherapy with Karuna Institute which is a mindfulness-based, embodied and relational approach to psychotherapy which integrates eastern and western perspectives on the mind and healing. 


I am trained to level 3 in IFS (Internal Family Systems) model and have been assisting in professional IFS trainings as a Program Assistant over the last few years. In addition to working with individual clients, I work with IFS practitioners in small group settings to help develop their skills.


My work is also influenced by mindfulness, focusing, compassionate communication (NVC), trauma work and neuroscience.  

Having experienced the limitations of approaches focused predominantly on talking and analysis of behaviour in dealing with my own obstacles in life, I came to appreciate and value the wisdom of tuning into the fullness of our experience and include the body with feelings, sensations, and intuitions in addition to thinking. That is why, I lead my clients to connect with their subtle emotions and inner voices to discover the entirety of their multi-dimensional experience.


I would love to be of service. Get in touch if you would like to talk or find out more.

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