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Psychotherapy is a joint adventure in which a therapist is a companion on your journey.

The most important aspect of our work is recognising the intrinsic health that resides at the core of our being even if this inner health may be hidden by the difficulty we are currently experiencing.

During the session, I guide you to bring attention to your thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations as well as what is happening between us. 

Through this mindful awareness, you may develop greater self-understanding and experience a more spacious and accepting relationships with yourself, leading to a deeper sense of connection with others and life in general.
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My approach to psychotherapy is based on the Core Process Model of Psychotherapy which is mindfulness-based, embodied and relational approach to depth psychotherapy

The Core Process model draws from Western and Buddhist psychology, holistically integrating both understandings of human condition to help individuals work through deep-seated and unconscious patterns that may have originated in their early experiences or cultural and ancestral conditioning.
I offer a deep therapeutic relationship in which you can explore and understand yourself better by becoming aware of any habitual ways of being that may underlie your difficulties.

My intention is to create a safe, real and compassionate space in which all parts of you can be seen and accepted.  Sometimes it is through being with ourself in the presence of another that we can touch on and release the impact of past experiences, clearing the way to move freer in life. 

Core Process Psychotherapy can also offer gentle and effective ways of addressing the impact of shock and trauma. 


I am in the clinical year of a post-graduate diploma in Mindfulness-Based Core Process Psychotherapy with the Karuna Institute where I have been training since 2021.  I am also trained to level 3 in IFS (Internal Family Systems) model of therapy and have been assisting in professional IFS trainings as a Program Assistant for the last 4 years.

I offer both short and long term work.

As a psychotherapist in training I hold a membership with the UKCP (UK Council of Psychotherapy) and ACPP (Association of Core Process Psychotherapists).


My work is supervised and I am working towards graduation and full accreditation.  I hold professional liability insurance. 

Regular therapy sessions are taking place every week, at the same time and day of the week and last 60 minutes. ​We meet either online, or in person in Twickenham, South West London, UK.


As a trainee of Core Process Psychotherapy, I offer lower price depth psychotherapy sessions.

I aim to make my charges as inclusive as possible and may be able to offer discounts for clients seeking longer-term therapy who may be unable to pay the full price. Please contact me if you want to explore this option.


If you would like to find out more about the services I offer or to see if we could work together, contact me to explore further


Please get in touch if you would like to talk or find out more.

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